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Our diverse team have been involved in several personal and Lapin Logic exclusive computer game and mobile app projects over the years. We have a wide, experienced skill set that can help you solve your problems, expand your brand and help get your ideas or projects in front of your clients or customers.

Work produced by members of the Lapin Logic team.

Strawberry and Cream

game_snc_04 game_snc_03

Tigerfish Studios
A simple but fun puzzle game where you must remove all the Strawberrys and Creams from the screen to complete each level. A fun mobile app with addictive gameplay and simple controls. Created by Stuart Miller, Gareth Thomas, Edd Thomas  at Tigerfish Studios. You can download the game from the Apple Store.



Kerb Kids

Kerb Kids is currently in development by the Lapin Logic team. The idea for the game came from Paul Arnold  while working for the police and following successful trials by the States of Jersey Police and two primary schools the 3D road safety app could be rolled out across the UK and Europe. The team needs to raise an additional £160,000 to make the game will be available on PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

We are trying to make educational games that are as fun and challenging as the mainstream ones.

The island in the game is entirely fictitious and not based on any real world location. The town situated on the island will be reminiscent of a small town situated in the UK. It consists of shops, a church, a school, a hospital, a bank, an arcade and a car park. There will also be telephone boxes, dustbins, street lights, traffic lights, a pedestrian crossings and benches.

The children need to be able to identify with the game and see the similarities between the make-believe and real world.

Headway Jersey are fully supportive of this Project and the Headway UK Logo will be featured within the full game should it be funded. If you would like to support this project and help it become a reality contact us today or support us at Patreon.

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